Account Terms and Conditions

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What is the definition of a biopsy according to Nationwide Histology?

Each account has a set number of biopsies that are included and anything above that will be subject to the regular price schedule or the applicable discount according to the price list below. Any non-account holders are subject to the regular price list below

A single small biopsy is defined as any tissue sample measuring less than 5 centimeters in diameter, a single whole organ or three punch biopsies. A single large biopsy includes any tissue sample measuring greater than 5 centimeters or 5 punch biopsies.

A 5 organ necropsy in a jar is considered a separate charge and the applicable discount at your account level will be applied to that charge. Example the Level 2 account receives 5% off after reaching their biopsy cap so a 5% discount will be applied to the necropsy in a jar.


Level 1 (4 biopsies)$200/month
Level 2 (8 biopsies)$400/mongh
Level 3 (12 biopsies)$600/month
Small biopsy$55
Large biopsy$65
Necropsy in a jar$80
Additional punches$15
Additional organ$20


What shipping is included in the subscription service?

USPS return shipping is covered for any specimen that will fit in the small boxes that are delivered in the monthly kit. The return labels are included in the package. Any other shipping that is desired is up to the client to cover. Keep in mind we cannot control the shipping speed of USPS so if you prefer to use a faster carrier then that shipping will not be covered. The return shipments are tracked, however delivery time is not guaranteed. The closer you are to the hub the faster it will be.


What necropsy service is available at Nationwide Histology?

We do offer necropsy service but it must be scheduled in advance at least 4 hours. If you are within 10 miles of the Missoula location we will come perform the necropsy in your clinic after hours. If you are outside that distance an additional charge of $0.52 per mile is charged. Alternatively, you can overnight the specimen on ice to our lab. If you are in the Spokane region you may bring your sample to the Pet Emergency Clinic on Mission Avenue and they are performed there.