We offer one of a kind subscription services. With your monthly subscription you will receive a kit each month containing small formalin jars to cover the amount of biopsies included in your subscription. Inside the kit is also bags to wrap the jars in, small boxes and pre-paid shipping labels. All you have to do is pop the sample in the mail an you’ll be notified when its received. Any samples too large for the included jars need to be sent in your own jars and at your own expense. By choosing a subscription service you can better control your costs and take advantage of our top quality service.

Pay As You Go Account

How do I submit a sample?

  • Make sure you have filled out the become a customer form to receive a login
  • Click the submit sample button located at the top of any page
  • Fill out the form and send your sample to the address indicated

Whats included?

  • Any special stains required for diagnosis
  • Access to pre-paid submission kits
  • Access to secure drop box for after hours specimen drop off

Other Info

  • Punches above what is included will be charged at $15 each
  • Currently animals greater than 30lbs must be done in clinic after hours (subject to change)
  • Field necropsies submitted in a jar up to 5 organs will be charged at $80 and $20 each additional organ


Necropsy Pricing

Necropsy prices $250

  • less than 30lbs $250
  • 30-50 lbs $300
  • over 50 lbs $350

Necropsies under 30lbs can be picked up within 10 miles of Missoula, MT for free and done in our facility. Any necropsy request outside 10 miles must be sent overnight on ice. Any animal over 30 lbs must be done in your clinic and you will be responsible for disposal. We also charge $0.52 per mile out side 10 miles of Missoula for this service. Necropsy needs to be performed as quickly as possible so please call to arrange the details (509) 288-4111.