Dr. Monty Banerjee

Nationwide Histology

On your team

Monty is our longest standing contract pathologist. He joined the team shortly after the company began and has provided top notch service ever since. He continues to be an expert in the field of research histopathology and all our clients are very satisfied with the quality of his qualitative and semi-quantitative readouts.

Dr. Banerjee worked as an Anatomic Pathologist at Michigan State University, and research fellowship at the University of California Davis, working with non-human primates and rodent models of human disease.

Monty has over 22 years diagnostic pathology experience with naturally occurring diseases in all animal species and birds. He has published his research and diagnostic cases for both laboratory and companion animals in peer reviewed journals.

His current interests are: metabolic, degenerative and neoplastic diseases in rodents and include cardiac and renal histopathology in metabolic syndrome, ischemic and reperfusion, kidney injury, experimental osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in rodent models.


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Research Pathologist

Dr. Monty Banerjee DVM, MS, PhD.