Is there a contract?

For veterinary clients there is only a month to month contract if you commit to a subscription plan. If at any time you would like to switch levels or cancel just notify us in writing 15 days prior to month end. For all research clients or Pay as you go vets there is no contract at all. We are so sure you’ll love us there is never anything to lock into.

What if I have a rush sample?

For veterinary clients we aim for over night turn around but promise 2-3 day from arrival. For Research clients we can rush any sample to less than one week turn around for a small fee. We are usually so fast you wont need to rush anything.

Can I drop off animals for necropsy?

Currently, we are performing necropsies in your clinic after hours at the Missoula location inside city limits for no extra charge. For outside city limits we charge $0.52 per mile travel fee. For necropsy in Spokane, specimens can be taken to the Pet Emergency Clinic on Mission but please arrange in advance. If you are outside either of those areas please contact us for an arrangement. You will need to ship first priority overnight on ice.

Is there a courier service?

Currently we do not have a courier service but plan to set one up in the future. With the monthly plans you will receive paid shipping containers for the amount of specimens included in your plan. For research clients all samples should be sent to

Nationwide Histology Inc
Specimen Receiving Department
2814 Brooks st. #114
Missoula, MT 59801

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