What is the turn around time?

Research Samples Turn around time varies greatly based on our volume and your volume but average is 2-3 weeks. We do have a rush option for a fee and you will have your samples returned within 7 days. Remember that rushing items places them in the front of the line and bumps all other specimens down so if you don’t need it right away save yourself the fee. We will still try to get it out as fast as possible and it still could be within a week if volume is low.

Diagnostic Samples We know that these are urgent and we push them through as quickly as possible with an ideal sample being processed overnight. It is usually 2-3 days from the time of arrival into the lab. Some things that will delay turn around: decalcification, larger specimens not completely fixed, holidays, etc. We care about your patient as much as you do so we will go the extra mile in extenuating circumstances.

Do you have more than one location?

We do! We are currently process all diagnostic and rush samples through our Missoula, MT location, while all other samples to through our Spokane, WA location.  We are also considering expanding into other regions as well.

Do you accept credit card?

We do! We process all major credit cards through square. The payment must be taken over the phone.

Can I ship 10% formalin?

Absolutely! Each carrier has their own procedure for shipping formalin so you will need to check with them on the requirements. Make sure your package won’t leak and 70% ethanol is preferred for shipping on our end.

Do I need a research number?

For any diagnostic (veterinary) samples you do not need a research number; an accession number will auto-populate upon completing the diagnostic form. Any type of research sample needs a research number associated with it. This number must be unique to every shipment. Even if you are submitting previously cut blocks, slides etc that already have a number you will need a new number to have additional work performed.

Do I need to provide my FedEx account number?

Only if you want to use FedEx as your shipper. Most of our clients enjoy handsome discounts through their FedEx accounts and will save a lot by having it billed to their account. We have an account at FedEx and can bill the recipient account. FedEx is optimal for tracking and speed of service. If no FedEx account number is on file we will default to USPS which still has excellent tracking and packages arrive in 2-3 days. It is also a very affordable service.