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After Graduation with. aBachelors in Microbiology in 2009 Heather Stevens began her career at the state veterinary diagnostic laboratory as a histotechnician. In 2011 Heather decided to start her own laboratory with a focus on research. 

Heather is an ASCP certified histotechnologist and loves the field. Her years spent at the veterinary diagnostic lab provided vast experience in every aspect of histological techniques as well as experience with a multitude of different species.

Her experience includes but is not limited to: gross dissection, bone decalcification techniques, fixation, tissue embedding, microtomy, IHC, assay development, TMA construction and various special staining techniques.

Heather has customized both staining and processing protocols for several clients. She attends the annual National Society for Histotechnology symposium to always stay on top of cutting edge technologies.


Heather Marlatt BS, HTL(ASCP)