Histopathology Consulting

Project Planning

Often times the results you are trying to achieve can be lost with improper planning. For example just choosing the wrong fixative or fixation time can negatively impact your project. Let us help you plan from the start to ensure you achieve your ideal outcome.

Histopathology consulting

IHC Help

Have you been struggling to get your IHC to work and can’t figure out why? Let us consult with you on your protocols.

Our experienced staff can help you troubleshoot. We have a lot of time saving tricks up our sleeve as well.

Histopathology consulting


Depending on what you are trying to achieve fixative can literally make or break your project.

Let us hear the project your working on and make sure you have the best possible fixative to get the results you’re looking for

Histopathology consulting


Let our pathologist take a look at your overall project goals and make recommendations on services that may be of benefit.

With such extensive experience in research histopathology we can make sure nothing gets missed or thought of too late causing a deadline issue.