Specimen Submission Kits

*For use with diagnostic histopathology specimens. Research clients are welcome to purchase formalin jars as well, however please contact us for your specific needs.
What's included?

Each kit contains…

  • Number of jars listed (1/2 are 60mL and 1/2 are 120mL)
  • Pre-paid shipping labels
  • Packaging materials

*single formalin jars can be purchased at our online store however shipping & packaging material is not included

Why purchase a kit?

The kits make life easier! You can submit a sample with 3 easy steps

  1. Fill our our online form
  2. Place your sample in the packaging provided
  3. Put it in the mail



  • Includes Shipping 4 formalin jars Return shipping packaging materials


  • Includes Shipping 12 formalin jars Return shipping packaging materials
*Prices do not include the cost of pathology. Pathology charges are subject to standard rates or the rate associated with your monthly plan

***When you sign up for a monthly subscription service these kits are included. To sign up Click Here!

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Individual formalin jars are also available in the store. To see the list of options in our store click below