Terms of Use

Terms of Use

General information

Welcome to our Terms of Use page! This page will summarize for you how we handle chain of custody, archiving, payment accounts and all details of our actual operation.

Chain of custody

When a sample arrives in the lab the paperwork is signed by staff noting when it arrived and ensuring we have what you believe you sent. Sample paperwork is then taken with the sample through every step of the process until completion. When the sample is ready to be returned the case number is noted on your shipping label. Its very important to label the outside of your package with the case number to help this process move smoothly.

Diagnostic Payment accounts

Statements are sent on the first of the month for all work performed during the previous month. Our accounts are a net 30. If you are on a flex pay account and wish to cancel, you must notify us 15 days prior to month end to avoid being charged the following month. If you had any sample submissions during that 15 day time frame you will be charged at the regular rate or monthly premium whichever is greater.


Currently we do not keep any blocks for research they are returned to each client at the time the slides are returned. With diagnostic blocks we keep them for a period of 2 years and then they are disposed of. We keep the slides for a period of 5 years and after that they are disposed of. All of our electronic submissions and reports are kept indefinitely.

Image rights

We reserve the right to all images taken by Nationwide Histology LLC. We reserve the right to use them for promotional material or on our website, however all detailed project information is completely anonymous. When submitting images taken by Nationwide Histology for publication we request to be listed in the acknowledgements.