Vetinerary Diagnostics

Biopsy Service

We take any and all biopsies no matter the size. We have a lot of formalin on hand so if your running short just give us a call. Have an emergency sample? Call us so we can help.

Nationwide Histology even offers convenient monthly payment plans that include free shipping, handsome discounts and added benefits.

Vetinerary Diagnostics

Necropsy Service

Mysterious death? We can help! We will come perform a necropsy after hours in clinic for large animals and small animals can be done in the lab. Just give us a call to make arrangements.

If you choose a monthly plan you will receive a discount on any necropsy work. Our board certified pathologist will provide gross and histological examination to solve the puzzle.


Online Forms & Reporting

We save animals AND trees! All our submission forms are online and you will instantly receive your specimen tracking ID.

The ID and a copy of your completed form is emailed upon submission. A few days later you’ll receive an email with your full report.

It’s that easy.

Convenient payment plans

We offer one of a kind subscription services. One low price covers all the biopsies included in that plan (4,8, or 12).

You pay one low monthly fee and a kit is shipped to you every month with formlin jars and return boxes including the shipping labels. Easy, convenient and affordable!